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  1. Code the world at an Actua camp or event!
  2. Print off a picture of Codemakers Url and set him up next to your awesome project:

  3. Print a single pictue of Url
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    Print a page of four pictres of Url
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  4. Take a photo of Url and your project!
  5. When you're ready, submit your moment:

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  7. Once your moment is submitted, click below to view it on the map:

About Codemakers

Actua is Canada’s leading national science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) outreach organization for youth. Our award-winning model for youth engagement has generated measurable results in building youth’s confidence and interest in pursuing STEM studies and careers.

Codemakers is a 3-year project, powered by a grant from, that will transform the way youth think about computer science and technology. The project pairs the creative minds of Canadian Google engineers with Actua’s top computer science thinkers to develop dynamic new computer science and technology experiences for kids.

Codemakers’ goal is to inspire more than 100,000 young Canadians across every province and territory to become the innovative computer science technology builders of tomorrow. The project will culminate with a celebration of youth achievements in computer science and technology at Canada’s upcoming sesquicentennial celebration in 2017.